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Reclaim your inner tranquility with our signature spa journeys, an experience that will awaken your senses and allow you to escape into a cocoon of peace and serenity. Our journeys are based on the Earth, Fire, Air and Water elements that are essential to maintain your body’s balance and wellbeing.

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  • Revitalise

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Our Harmonize ‘Earth Element’ Journey restores your natural connection with the earth that guides your inner balance and stability. The integral component of our earth journey is Kahraman (Amber), a precious healing element known to improve blood circulation and restore balance by combating free radicals in the body. The earth journey begins with a luxurious full body exfoliation for purification, followed by an opulent massage using Amber stones and Argan oil. The journey culminates with the application of an intensely nourishing body balm that ignites a sense of serenity and vigor in the body.

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Our Revitalize ‘Water Element’ Journey provides exquisite relaxation, purification while stimulating mental focus with the power of hydration. Relinquish all your stress with the first step of our water journey, the ancient Oriental Hammam experience that will detoxify your skin from within. The journey continues with a relaxing aromatherapy massage and an intensely nourishing hair mask. The journey concludes with an extravagant facial treatment to deeply moisturize your skin; giving you a comprehensive hydra-relaxing therapy.

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Our Energize ‘Fire Element’ Journey elevates and invigorates your spirit through an intense hot stone ritual. The journey uses the therapeutic warmth of the natural stones and the healing powers of essential oils to induce a sense of deep relaxation, calming your body and mind. While the hot stone massage soothes your entire body, a leg and foot massage included in the journey rids your body of any harmful toxins. The final step of the journey includes a deep facial cleanse, a massage and an Eastern scalp massage.

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Our Revive ‘Air Element’ Journey is a transcendental experience that gives you inner stability and outer radiance, leaving you confident in your skin. The journey includes our luxurious Diva Beauty Ritual that thoroughly pampers your face, hand and feet. We begin with a purity facial personalized for your special skin type, taking all your skin concerns and leaving you fresh-faced and radiant. The journey is concluded by an exquisite spa manicure and pedicure treatment for an absolute diva experience.

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