About Us

Diva Lounge Spa was born out of our desire to provide women in Qatar with a holistic approach to wellness based on relaxing treatments that balance the body, calm the mind and revive the soul in an environment that combines style, efficiency and serenity.

Diva Lounge Spa Philosophy

At Diva Lounge Spa, our aim is to completely pamper our ladies and make every visit a relaxing and pleasurable experience.  From the outset, we created a clean and peaceful environment where our Divas can unwind, revitalize and indulge in soothing treatments.

Our concept revolves around the Four Elements; Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. A balance between these elements reflects the balance between body, mind and soul. This concept is reflected throughout Diva Lounge. The design of each treatment room reflects an element and our treatments are designed to balance your body, reduce stress and relax your mind. We offer high standards of service and hygiene coupled with affordable treatments, all within a peaceful and soothing spa environment.
Our commitment to provide exceptional service extends to the dedication of our staff who are regularly trained with the latest the industry has to offer to ensure they pamper you with the utmost care.

Our Therapists

At Diva Lounge Spa, our therapists are extensively trained to customize treatments for your special needs and  provide you the best quality service.

Our Products

At Diva Lounge Spa, we use a range of carefully selected products that are of the best quality to give you natural beauty and a sense of well being.

Franchise Opportunity

Diva Lounge Spa also provides you the opportunity to franchise our spa. If you are interested in a franchise opportunity, kindly contact us at: info@divaspaqatar.com

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